Fifth Avenue Style is truly classic

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I really have to thank everyone for your continued support and interesting questions. I’m totally ecstatic to recognize that these interior design tips have been helpful to you. One particular question that I keep getting is about historic residences that happen to have heavy wall decorations, daring chandeliers, painted ceilings, ceaseless filigree and heavy wooden doors. Do you recognize the type I’m thinking of? Probably not. You don’t see much of it anymore. What I’m talking about, of course, is the Fifth Avenue type of residence. I have been in the interior design business since…well, genuinely the time of the Fifth Avenue Style’s heyday (hmm, not really that long). I’ve seen basically every residence type come and go and I’m here to help you with your preferred style residence. Are you ready to get started? Let’s carry on! The Fifth Avenue type is a truly outdated style. If you haven’t seen the hit PBS show Downton Abbey, you definitely can get a glimpse into the origins of the Fifth Avenue type there. The Fifth Avenue type is unmistakable by its heavy type and dense decorative choices. Not my number one choice of course, but when it works it works. This is when you would utilize the French style furniture. Brave, heavy, ornate. The Fifth Avenue type has lost favor over the years- a decision that I can certainly support. However, the Fifth Avenue type is honestly gorgeous when utilized properly. If you are the scarce breed that actually wants a Fifth Avenue type residence, you have to be prepared to spend a great deal of cash for all of the custom furniture, painting, ceaseless filigree and sculpting that will be needed to make your historic residence a Fifth Avenue type home!



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