Enjoying new loding and better HVAC

This past year has been about dealing with so much change. I can understand why people are so burned out with the pandemic. It has been such a terrible affliction for many. I’m lucky to have not contracted the virus and I didn’t have a loved one die. My heart goes out to those that have had to deal with that nightmare. It seems like a small sacrifice to wear a mask and spend more time in the HVAC comfort of home. Yet, there are many of us who simply could only do so much from the HVAC comfort and security of home. For me, my job consists of having to be in different locations to supervise projects in person. This simply can’t be accomplished over an online meeting. I was not at all comfortable with the idea of air travel. That was out so it was hitting the open road for me. Traveling by car meant that I was gone a lot this past year. But, I also enjoyed traveling in much better HVAC conditions. The heating & cooling in my car is far better than any plane that I have ever been on. And I found that wasn’t as stressed and worn out from traveling by car as I was when I flew all the time. So those were a plus. And I found another great plus from my new approach to my job. I started staying at the mid level hotels along the interstate. What started as convenience turned into a preference. Not only was it clean, affordable and right where I needed them to be, the HVAC was outstanding. Those big wall units provide instant HVAC comfort and maintain it through my entire stay.


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