Emergency heat setting provides quick heat at an expensive price

My wife and I went away for the holidays and we were gone for three weeks.

  • We treated ourselves to a vacation.

We didn’t invite anyone to tag along, so we could be totally alone. If while we were away, we decided to turn off the heater. It didn’t make sense to run the heater while both of us were away from the house. We don’t have any pets like cat, fish, or a dog. We don’t have any plants inside of the house either. Since we don’t have to worry about any frozen pipes, the reasonable answer was to shut down the heater while we were on vacation. While my wife and I were away, the temperatures got very cold. When we arrived back home, we found the house to be very cold and I see. My wife turned on the heater and use the emergency heat setting. It jump-starts the heater and sends a message to put out more warm air for that time. The emergency heat setting uses a lot of electricity, so this heat setting should only be used for an emergency. My wife and I ran the heater in the emergency spot for about an hour. Once the chill was out of the air, we turned on the heater to the regular setting. It took several hours for the house to reach a comfortable temperature of 70 degrees. I’m sure my wife and I spent a few extra dollars to run the emergency heat, but it’s more affordable than running the heater for three weeks in total.



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