Don’t do as I did, call a pro

There are plenty of situations where I just need to stop trying so strenuous and let someone else step in to handle some stuff.

But, I have this weirdly competitive thing in my bones where I know enjoy I have to service everything.

I’m particularly sure that I would be a psychiatrists dream patient. I just can’t let small stuff go and know the need to keep on. It’s as though I hold myself up constantly to some idea of perfection that is simply unattainable. When something randomly breaks around the house, I am nearly always compelled to repair it. About a month after the two of us fired up the good ole Heating and A/C furnace for the first time this year, it was going great until it stopped working and I couldn’t get it to beginning again. Being me, I was not going to roll over and call an Heating and A/C professional before I at least had a nice look at the furnace. I found what was an obviously broken part, and I took it to the large box hardware store for a helping hand. Of course, there are no professionals in these store to speak with about this specific thing. I just found a piece that looked enjoy it fit. I put that area in and the furnace sprang back to life with a rowr. I was elated. Until about 2 days later when it got quite chilly and the furnace overheated and cracked completely. Now, I get to upgrade the entire furnace on our own dime because I voided the warranty.

Heat pump install

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