Don’t clean your own ducts – bugs

I think that growing up with brothers made me ultra-competitive.

  • Everything in our house was a big competition and someone was always a winner or loser.

As an adult, I have a hard time letting go of some of these feelings. It’s difficult for me to let go of control or acknowledge that I can’t do something. Sometimes, that gets me into a bit of trouble around the house. I think I’m a lot more handy than I truly am at times. Recently, this is exactly what happened when I got a bug up my butt about cleaning the air ducts. I had it in my head that my air ducts were due for a good scrub and I didn’t want to pay the local heating and cooling company to come do an easy task such as that. I decided I could attempt to clean out the air ducts on my own. it’s not like they’re difficult to get to! You simply pull off the air vents, and there is the vast expanse of ductwork before you. I had a high-powered Shop-Vac sitting in the garage, so I assumed that I could simply clean out the air ducts on my own. When I popped open the air vent and started exploring the air ducts, I was in for a rude surprise.I expected there to be a vast amount of dirt, dander, and debris concealed within the air ducts… But I wasn’t expecting there to be so many bugs.They came swarming at me from every direction, scurrying out of the open air vent and into my house. I was covered with bugs and stuck halfway into the air vent, screaming my face off. After that whole ordeal, I called the local HVAC company and ask them to take over the air duct cleaning.



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