Couldn’t figure out why birds hated my feeder all of a sudden; AC

When I moved into this beach apartment about six months ago I was instantaneously charmed with the city, the yard, as well as the nature that existed between the two.

There are so several birds, squirrels, as well as rabbits running around that it’s almost care about a fairytale forest.

I certainly love hearing the sound of chirping birds outside my window, so I decided to encourage visits from my little feathered friends by placing some feeders as well as birdhouses directly outside my home office. Within afternoons, there was an airport of birds flying in as well as out of my yard. There were constantly beautiful songs floating into my home office window, as well as I could see the most gorgeous colored feathers anytime I looked outside. Then, just as Spring arrived as well as I expected to see more birds, my feeders were hastily empty. The air temperature increased, as well as somehow my wildlife decreased. I legitimately could not understand how the changing sunshine, humidity, as well as air temperature were deterring songbirds from visiting my yard… until my A/C component broke down one day. I woke up in the morning as well as my apartment was rather warm. I noticed that it seemed unquestionably silent without the sound of the central A/C running in the background… And then all of the songs started, but suddenly, my yard was a flutter with gorgeous birds again. When the HVAC specialist came over, even he commented on the number of birds flocking to my yard. Then, he finished his repairs as well as started up the A/C unit. In an instant, all the birds were gone. There was a mass exodus from my backyard, as well as my apartment was silent again, except for the sound of the A/C component outside my window. That’s when I realized, the warm air hadn’t driven away my songbirds – my A/C component had. These afternoons, I live with natural ventilation as well as plenty of parakeet serenades.


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