Contractors are expensive in Clearwater Beach\

Several years ago, my partner and I invested in several properties near Clearwater Beach.

Last November we had a tropical storm blow through that did quite a bit of damage to those properties.

It took us several weeks to get over to find the full amount of damage that had been done to our properties. Once we saw the damage that had been done, we knew that it was going to be quite difficult to rebuild. Our first step was to talk to the insurance company about the damage. He offered us the name of some local contractors that were in the Clearwater Beach area. We didn’t have to choose any of these contractors but at least it gave us a starting point. We found that there were hundreds of contractors in the Clearwater Beach area. We had no idea how to go about choosing the right contractor so we looked at some of the smaller companies first. We were able to find reviews of the companies and even customer complaints. Some of the companies were even listed in the BBB. Once we found a couple of reputable contractors in Clearwater Beach, we decided to call for estimates. We asked for the estimates to be in writing so we were able to go over all of the information. Since we don’t have a lot of time to make a decision, we did a lot of research to which one of the companies would be best for us. After all, we can’t make money if we are unable to rent the properties.

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