Climate control does not work well with solar power

Every one of us had this lake house built out in the middle of nowhere so both of us knew both of us would have some hurdles to jump through.

To start with, our property is not hooked up to the grid at all.

This means no city water, plumbing, or even electricity. We’re lucky that there has a well on our land plus both of us also installed a septic system, however electricity was a little more difficult. Every one of us ended up getting solar power but that means that our cabin runs on a DC modern rather than an A/C current. Every one of us ran into an issue with this the first time both of us tried to hook up our window a/c unit. The air conditioner is designed to run on an A/C modern but both of us didn’t realize this was an issue at first. Every one of us suppose that the first air conditioner both of us purchased was broken so both of us returned it. The hour air conditioner didn’t work either so both of us figured there must be something wrong with our house. After talking to an HVAC contractor neighbor of ours, he recommended that both of us have our air conditioner be wired so that it will work with a DC current. Every one of us had no system where to start there. Thankfully, the HVAC contractor was able to step up plus help us out. Now our air conditioner runs but only during sun hours when there is enough solar power. Otherwise, it burns off the batteries that store the solar power entirely abruptly. We’re having the same problem with the space here both of us are using for heat. Thankfully, the lake house has a fireplace so both of us might just have to use the fireplace more than the oil furnace in the Winter weeks. I just wish there was a substitute for a/c that didn’t use electricity.



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