Can I afford to live in Tampa?

My partner and I made the decision to move to Tampa, FL.

We had been living almost half an hour from Tampa, but we soon realized that it was becoming quite a chore to commute to work.

We both worked in opposite directions, so we couldn’t even share the driving. Driving back and forth to work five days a week, was costing us a lot of time and money. We considered moving to Tampa and renting a home, hoping we would save some money. It didn’t take long to find out that the rent is higher in Tampa, FL. Before we decided to move, we were living in a three bedroom and two bathroom home. Now, we are barely able to afford a two-bedroom and one bathroom home. Half of our budget is being spent on the apartment. I knew that it was probably going to be more expensive in the city, but at least our electric bill was a bit cheaper. Our electric bill was costing us almost $150 a month in the old home. In our new apartment, the electric bill is almost half that much. The good thing with the cheaper electric bills is that it helps to make up for the higher rent. My partner has less than half the distance to work and I am able to ride my bicycle to work. Along with the lower electric bill and the savings we have on our weekly travelling expenses, we aren’t doing so bad. I’m beginning to think this move was a pretty good idea and I am anxious to get out and check out all of the things there is to in Tampa, Florida.


St. Petersburg

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