Building an Animal Shelter Without Air Conditioning is Against the Law

When I left the United States for the first time, I learned about the struggles of people not blessed to be living here in this world I take for granted every day.

Of course, there are places that are wealthier or just as wealthy, with all the modern trappings of our world, but I soon learned that there are vast numbers of people who have to get through life with so much less than we do.

Some people only dream of having clean running water in their homes. Others wish they could figure out a way to carve out a meager living with their own little business. Still others long to be able to send their children to school so they can get an education and learn how to get out of poverty. Almost none of these people consider modern HVAC in their quest for a better life. I, myself, have never lived without heating and cooling, and I have never had to work anywhere that did not provide HVAC so a heater could warm me in winter and an air conditioner could cool me in the summer. In fact, I complain quite readily when the thermostat needs new batteries or when the HVAC doesn’t coole me down fast enough for my liking. WE are truly fortunate to be living in this part of the world, where generations before us built this nation to its modern stature. At this time of year, when Thanksgiving and Christmas grow nearer, we would do well to remember how blessed we are.


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