Breaking into the HVAC company in our town

As a teenager, I was a complete idiot.

I was always getting into trouble, but I wasn’t always caught.

In fact, most people would have claimed that I was one of the good kids since I wasn’t caught very often. However, there was a time that I was caught that is forever engraved in my memory. During high school, I worked as a helper for an HVAC company. Although I never actually got to work on the HVAC units themselves, I was in charge of grabbing the tools that the HVAC technician needed while he was fixing furnaces and air conditioners. It was a decent job, and it paid well. The boss was always very understanding, and he let me have any day off that I needed. Despite all of this kindness from the HVAC company, I decided that it would be fun to break into the HVAC company during the middle of the night. During a school night, I invited all of my friends over to help me break into this HVAC company. Once we got inside, we weren’t sure what to do. Since I knew how much most of this stuff was worth, I didn’t want to steal, break, or vandalize anything that was of value. There were many HVAC units there, and I could only imagine how terrible that would be. Still, we found some old furnaces, and we spray-painted them. Furthermore, we reorganized most of the HVAC supplies so that it would be difficult to find stuff when the HVAC technicians arrived the next day. However, I didn’t hear the owner walk in, and we were all caught. I was quickly fired from that job, and with it, I lost all hopes of being an HVAC technician.

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