Adjusting to life on the road

When my boss told me that my task description was going to be decreasing I never imagined how much.

I work for the same company for the last 15 years and as a salesman I was assigned to a small section situated just on the other side of town, but i could easily cover my entire route in a day so I spent a lot of time in the office as well, when my boss told me that they were promoting me to a regional sales person I was unaware of how big my section would become.

I now spend about three days out of the month on the road and this involves staying in multiple hotels. I am still trying to familiarize myself with the areas where I have to stay and trying to find a sufficient hotel that has quality accommodations has been difficult. I have an expense account which covers my lodging but they require me to keep my nightly stays under a particular dollar amount, however this means that I must stay at hotels or motels that are less than numerous stars and sporadically these sites can be downright uncomfortable. The fact that they have mid-range beds is one thing but when they have HVAC systems that don’t work respectfully that becomes a real problem, then many of the national chains are a better bad because they are at least regulated in some ways and you can rely on most of them to have the same basic systems in each room. If you stay in a locally-owned, small motel you may find that the owners don’t keep up with HVAC repair and the greater chains do, however so far I have l earned about a few that I need to avoid and I hope to have the hole lodging situation figured out better soon.


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