A very hot auditorium

The a/c ripped up at the last minute in the school auditorium when I went to see our daughter’s 8th grade play last week… She’s been practicing the lead role for this play for a long amount of time, I was starting to look forward to seeing his in the lead role, even though the weather was entirely warm last week; Most of the time they do a pretty nice task at keeping the temperature nice plus comfortable in the auditorium, though.

I figured that even though the weather was heating up and the temperature outside was entirely high, the janitor would have the control unit set at an agreeable temperature for the play! Boy, did I turn out to be wrong! Even though it wasn’t exactly the janitor’s concern, the temperature inside the auditorium felt like we were resting inside a large volcano or something of the sort.

It was so warm in there with all of the people in the audience that I almost felt as if I couldn’t breathe. I talked to the janitor about turning the a/c down on the control unit, even though he said that the entire a/c unit was not working in the school! They had their commercial Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation out there for most of the afternoon, but the Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporations had not been able to service the air conditioning in the auditorium. I felt extremely bad for the poor guy; he looked like he had quite a rough afternoon dealing with the a/c problems. They went ahead with the play, even with the air conditioning being broken down, my child did an entirely great job in the play, despite the fact that I suppose he almost sweated through his initial makeup because there was no a/c!

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