A noisy piece of ductwork

I heard the strangest noise the other day, which sent me in a tizzy the rest of the day. I was cooking in our kitchen, just chopping some veggies, when I heard a rattle sound come from y ductwork. It wasn’t super loud or defined, so I couldn’t find where in the ductwork it was coming from. I spent hours searching around the house trying to find where the sound was coming from. When I couldn’t find it, I gave up and decided to make dinner. I was hoping the rattling would go away. But, it did the opposite. After I was done eating, I heard the rattling noise, but it was more clear on where in my HVAC ducts it was. I set out around the house in search of the mysterious rattle once more. The sound was coming from the den. I couldn’t find where at certainly. I just thought I was getting close. The rattling stopped then. Frustrated however relieved, I continued with our evening as normal. 30 min later, the rattling was back to haunt me! This time, I got up on a ladder and started feeling around in the ductwork. I wanted to see if it was bloated, not connected or messed up. Turns out that the ductwork was not hooked together properly. There was a section with loose bolts that was rattling when the heater would turn on. Everytime I turned up the heater, the ductwork piece would rattle due to not being hooked well. I got out a wrench and tighten up the bolts. The rattling went away. It was a simple fix but I was going crazy in the home over that sound.


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