A little cooling relief brings out more members of the community

A problem every one of us have had in our community is a ton of vandalism, but all of the spray painting has gotten out of hand plus every one of us don’t have much of a police force in our community.

So the community finally decided to party to do something about this.

A lot of us worked to either remove the spray painting from many walls around the community, plus some artists were out there covering it all up with beautiful works of art. To be honest, I love the artwork way more than just removing the tags of spray paint all around the area, and lately I have been helping out in a way I thought people would appreciate. I set up a tent where every one of us are toiling plus have ice chilly drinks plus portable air conditioning system units to keep the tent nice plus cool. This way everybody that is helping out with the projects are able to come to have some popcorn plus rest with the fantastic a/c for a little while; Everybody says this helps a wonderful deal because they don’t have to keep covered in sweat without a break. I didn’t easily realize how much people would appreciate the system with the air conditioned tent, however it has become a large hit. The air conditioning system in the tent has drawn more members of the community to come out to help out with these projects. There are so many skilled artists that said they couldn’t help because they aren’t able to take too much heat without any cooling relief, however that has changed now.

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