A/C in hotel save trip

I don’t know what my dad was thinking when he decided to take us camping in the middle of August.

It was so hot and humid and we were just miserable.

I think it might have been bearable if we had had an RV with an air conditioner but we didn’t. We just had our tents and they are not air-conditioned. To make matters worse, dad insisted on building a fire and keeping it going most of the day so hen night came, we just climbed into our tents and tried to sleep but it was way too hot. It was still over 80 degrees and very humid and I don’t think anyone got any sleep. In the morning, Dad was still determined to make it work. He started cooking breakfast but mom had other ideas. She started packing up the car and saying that she was going to a hotel and that anyone who wanted to come could join her. Of course, everyone wanted to join her except my dad but even he changed his mind and decided to go to the hotel after a few minutes. The first thing I noticed what I walked into the lobby of the hotel was the cool air conditioning. It was so comfortable inside. Our room was even more comfortable in the air conditioner was really quiet. All of us slept for almost the entire day. The next day we went and rode bikes at the campground and did fun camping things but we always came back to our air-conditioned hotel at night to cool off and get a good night sleep. Overall, we had a nice trip. but I don’t think I would have felt the same way if my mom had not insisted on getting the air-conditioned hotel.
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